Experience nature as it was meant to be

Te Urewera Treks provide a range of unique eco-cultural wilderness treks bringing you a truly special guided walking experience. Venturing into the remote forests of the Whirinaki and Te Urewera you will discover some of New Zealand's most magnificent indigenous rainforest as well as the beautiful Lake Waikaremoana. You will also experience the region's rich native birdlife.

In Te Urewera today indigenous Maori culture and language is thriving. Tuhoe, children of the mist, are the local people of Te Urewera and are known for their warm hospitality. Our experienced local Tuhoe guides will bring the forest alive with their colourful stories of the region's histories and mysteries.

Tuhoe, moumou kai, moumou taonga, moumou tangata ki te Po.

This tribal saying testifies to the generousity of Tuhoe people in providing for their guests and bestowing gifts, as well as the determination with which they pursued their enemies!