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Idyllic Bush Camp

This idyllic eco-bush camp is nestled amongst native trees with lovely

views of the forest valley. We have two Whare (glamping structures)

and two Whare Teneti (Bell Tent sites) with space to add more tents for

those extra guests.  Each site is surrounded by trees to give you

privacy, it is a very special and personal outdoor experience. And on

a clear night, the night sky is second to none.

Whether you’re travelling with friends or  family, it is an ideal place to chill out and relax in complete tranquility. It is also a great spot for small groups.  Our Bushcamp is on private land and not open to the general public.



Tent sites are fully equipped with large tents, camp beds, mattresses, pillows, sleeping bags & liners. You don’t even need to put up the tent!  The Tents are good quality, Bell tents, that are spacious and comfortable.

Our unique Whare have proper beds and all linen provided. Both have a double / queen bed and a single day bed.

There is a communal meeting/cooking area with a BBQ, tables, chairs, cooking and eating utensils.

The camp can be self-catering, or we can provide a full package that includes a host and a walk.  There are a few options, so please enquire.  There is no power or internet, so you can really disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with yourself.  There are gas hot water showers and an eco-toilet.

There are also a couple of short 10-20 minute walks available directly from the camp, and it is very handy to the myriad of walking tracks, mountain biking tracks and rivers in the area.

All you really need to bring are your personal items, clothing, and food if you are self-catering.

We are an indigenous family, descendants of Nga Tamariki o Te Kohu (Children of the Mist).  We take pride in our home of Te Urewera, and our traditions from our Ancestors.  We would like welcome you to share and enjoy these things with us, when you stay at Whakatau Eco Bushcamp.

Kaitiakitanga (Care and respect of Nature) -

We try to run the camp in a way that minimises its impact on the environment, so we ask that you use eco-friendly soaps (some are provided) and shampoos where possible.  We have a pack in and pack out policy, so please take any rubbish you bring with you, including recycling like bottles, plastic and glass.

Manaakitanga (care and respect of people and place) -

Whether you choose a package or the self-catered option, you will be meet and welcomed by us.  It is our duty as Tangata whenua (Native people) to ensure that our environment, our ancestors and our God's, know who you are and to look after you while you are here in our land.  We will also show you how to make the camp home for your stay and our particular cultural protocols

Nga Tikanga (Camp Rules)

There are a few essentials that are really important to practise while staying with us:

Please leave shoes on the deck or steps of the Wharekai (kitchen), Whares and Tents.  We do not wear our shoes inside our homes or the homes of other people.  This symbolises leaving our "stuff"we carry around, at the doorway, and we take it when we leave.  It's pretty clear why for hygiene reasons too.

We don't ever mix food, food surfaces or preparation areas with our heads or our bottoms.  The Head is the most Tapu (special or sacred) part of our bodies and it can become nullified if place on a table.  Food can be used to take away Tapu and you wouldn't want to loose things that are special about you. This also includes your hair, so placing hats, combs, brushes, sunglasses on a food table or surface is a no no. 

We don't ever sit on Tables or food benches - I think you can guess why...

Our culture is about looking after the health and safety of our physical bodies and our spiritual or meta-physical beings.  Every tradition and protocol we have has a physical, mental and spiritual application to ensure your total Well being.  

Bookings are essential.  Our regular camp stays are Sunday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's.  Please contact us for stays longer than 2 nights.

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