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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Te Urewera Treks experiences and Whakatau Rainforest Retreat bushcamp stays:



Cancellations and refunds:

  1. It is rare for us to cancel a trek due to weather (or for any other reasons), but in the unlikely event this happens, an alternative trip will be offered, or a full refund will be provided less any credit card and booking fees.

  2. If you cancel an experience, a retreat, a trek or stay 14 days before the start date, a full refund less the 20% deposit will be refunded back to you.  A 50% refund will be provided if you cancel 7 days before the start date and no refund if within 7 days of start date.

  3. Any damage to our equipment, our accommodation or facility will be charged to the credit card that made the booking.  

  4. Te Urewera Treks and Whakatau Rainforest Retreat assumes no responsibility for any personal loss, sickness, injury, damage or delay. We reserve the right to cancel or alter any trips and departure dates for any reason pertaining to health and safety, adverse weather or the violation of our cultural tikanga. To ensure clients are fully covered during their stay in New Zealand, and for their experience with Te Urewera Treks and Whakatau Rainforest Retreat, we recommend that they take out travel insurance.

  5. Anything that has an effect on participating fully in our Treks need to be noted with us before the trek happens, such as medical or health conditions, surgeries, allergies, dietary needs, etc.  There is no cell phone reception in many of the areas we trek and stay in, and so we need to be prepared with proper information to manage the safety and comfort of all involved.  Some treks may not be suitable depending on your condition, we can usually find a good alternative that ensures you enjoy yourself and we are all safe.  A trek could be cancelled without a refund if this type of information is not revealed and creates a safety risk for yourself or others.

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