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Guided walks, hiking and trekking in Te Urewera and Whirinaki, New Zealand

Our range of guided wilderness walks provide you with some great options if you are looking for a truly unique and special trekking experience in New Zealand. Venturing into the remote and magnificent indigenous podocarp and beech forests of Te Urewera and Whirinaki, you will also experience wonderful waterfalls, varied native birdlife, and stunning views of this immense and untouched region.

Whether you are on a tight schedule or looking for a more in-depth experience, our range of 1, 2, and 3-day treks will ensure there is an experience to suit you.  We also do custom treks up to 7 days, enquire to see whats possible.

The different guided walks also provide for different fitness and ability levels. Some are along formed trails with gentle to moderate tracks. Others are more challenging both in the steepness of the terrain, and the rugged nature of the unformed wilderness trails.

We take a maximum of 10 people which ensures a very personal experience where you can really connect with nature (special requests for larger groups will be considered) . Our treks all include at least one local Maori guide, so our treks will provide your with a unique cultural dimension.

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1 day trek


Whirinaki Loop 

3 day trek


Te Urewera ki Whirinaki 

1 day trek


Arohaki Lagoon 

4 day trek


Lake Waikaremoana 

1 day trek


Native Tree Planting Trek 

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Custom treks 

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